Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fourth of July in India!

Jessica is making me right this blog post. So here it goes...

We are very patriotic people and decided it was a must to celebrate the Fourth of July. Getting out of the clutches of the British is something we share with the Indians so it was fun to share our Independence day with them. Erika, Jessica, and I all wore red, white, and blue for the occasion. We decided we were going to tell everyone we saw happy Fourth of July. Paul, our driver and close friend, met us at our door. I told him Happy Fourth of July and he had the most confused look on his face. He was probably thinking that us crazy Americans celebrate random days of the year. I have a feeling that Indians don't say Happy August 15th on their independence day. I explained what it is to him and he laughed. That seems to be his response to most of the things we say. I'm not sure if its an, I get it or a "just smile and nod." We then proceeded to our very important training with Raymond and his staff. They pretty much had the same reaction as Paul.

The real fun started when the Samuels kids got home from school. We had gone grocery shopping earlier for the special ingredients for our Fourth of July feast. We headed to the kitchen and to the cooks horror began mixing our concoctions and making as much mess as possible. The girls and I started on the apple pie first, since it was the most important. (Alisha LOVES apple pie) Erika mashed the potatoes(with her fist). And Jessica worked on the greenbeans. Someone (I don't remember who) went to the Chicken Cottage across the road and got some rotisserie chicken. We added a big bowl of macaroni and cheese and watermelon to the table to complete our all American Fourth of July dinner. We sat down and all ate like kings, American kings that is. All of the kids seemed to at least like a couple of things and Annie cleaned her plate.

The pie wasn't ready yet so we decided to sing patriotic songs. Luckily the words to most of them happened to be in the back of the Hymnals the Samuels own (weird right). Even with the words I think we made the neighbor dogs howl and Amy covered her ears. They all got a good laugh out of it though, so all in all it was worth the headaches.

In true American fashion, no Fourth of July celebration is complete without playing with fire. Timmy had leftover fireworks from Christmas that he let us use. So we went out into the quiet street the Samuels live on and we played with sparklers. I think us adults (if you can even call us that) had as much fun as the kids did.

Finally the moment we had been waiting for, the apple pie. It turned out amazing!!! We put ice-cream on top and ate to our hearts content. I think Alisha ate two slices :)

It was a Fourth of July I will never forget.



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