Monday, June 13, 2011

Welcome to India

Late in the flight from Brussels to Chennai, while over India, I took a small walk inside the plane and ended up by the bathrooms in the back to do some stretches and wait in line. I was standing behind an Indian woman holding her baby (I'm guessing about 12 -18 months old). I do what a great number of people do when a baby stares - I smiled.

She smiled back and moments later the mother smiled also and handed me her baby so that she could use the bathroom.  After a few very blank and stunned facial expressions exchanged between the baby and I, we started smiling and playing. She only needed some movement to start laughing.

So here I am on a plane holding a mother's child that I've never met and the only way we can communicate is with smiles and head nods. I assume she thanks me as she emerges from the restroom and reaches to take back her daughter. 

In retrospect, what I'm going to do, run off with her baby?

I tell Jessica about it when I return to my seat. She smiles and says "welcome to India" as though I'm in for many more of these types of encounters.

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