Saturday, June 18, 2011

Team Happenings

We're having an AMAZING time in Madurai. God is alive and well and using the entire team to encourage our brothers and sisters here! Some of you may have heard the team missed their flight in Delhi but your prayers worked wonders and the arrived in Madurai on time and ready for bed. Tuesday morning we hit the ground running. The girl's and I visited the Lydia Home for HIV Positive Orphans. The kids were so glad I returned with friends--and for a whole day visit! We sang worship songs, made crafts to decorate the home and spent quality time with the kids. Wednesday we did a similar program at the Sahayam Home for Widows. They sang for us, we tried to sing for them. We made heart baskets that were easy enough for the blind and disabled and they were so proud to hang them all in the hall! We were also able to buy them each a new sari! You can't imagine the joy on their faces! Since the widows and orphans no longer have families, or family members that claim them, it meant so much that a group of girls from the other side of the world would travel so far to spend time with them and pray for them. It's amazing how such a small gesture can have such a ripple effect.

Thursday we visited a few villages 2 hours outside of Madurai. The team was blown away by the work being done in this area. We visited three different programs run by our partners. First we heard the testimonies of adolescent girls who were rescued from working in match factories (small illegally run sweatshops). The girl's were so happy to be heard and share the stories of how Christ brought the Samuel's and gave them a new life! The second program was a group of women that have been taught to start a community savings program. They have been able to give out loans for home businesses and attend training programs on topics like composting, irrigation, and maternal health. They have even taken the plan a step further and have given donations to handicap women in their village that are unable to contribute to the savings account. These women truly understand what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Friday we spent time with Randy and Mike at the Retreat Center. They were leading a pastor's training seminar throughout the week and have amazing testimonies as well! Pastors searching for answers for years, struggling with their faith and leading a congregation, who found the answer to their struggles in three days!!

Thank you all for your support and prayers! The work here couldn't be done without you! Please continue to pray for the safety and health of the team. We've been busy and have much more ahead of us. Pray that we can serve through the power that God will provide!

I put together and update video for Vineyard. Here's the video so you can SEE what we're up to!

Can't wait to bring you all to Madurai the next time!

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