Friday, May 20, 2011

"So when do you leave?"

So this Monday (May 23) is it. Jessica and I leave for India. I’m still not quite sure what I expect. Jessica must be bursting at the seams to tell me all about India but she’s done well not to say too much. I want to be able to see and experience everything with a perspective that is as clear and open as possible. Not that I want to be ignorant – I don’t want to be the “ugly American” – but it’s so easy to create my own version of what India is based on very little information.
I’m excited to have this opportunity to go to India. There has been a lot of support, both financially and emotionally, from a lot of people. I’d like to say thank you. It means a lot to me (and Jessica) to know so many people who are so willing to give. For Jessica, if you’ve been reading this blog, it means that all the work and preparation she has put into this trip actualizes into making a real difference instead of remaining untapped potential. For me, your support means that I get a chance to experience and share the same passion Jessica has for India. As I mentioned earlier, I’m not sure what to expect. Along the way, though, I plan on sharing my experiences with you. I hope through my sharing that you can gain a better picture of India and create your own experience.

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