Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Looks Like We Made It

We've been in India a week so far and it's strange how fast time can go when you're so busy taking everything in. Access to internet has been rare but we're looking into possibilities and hoping it works out in the next few days.

We're safe and we have lots of pictures to share so please be patient until we can get those uploaded. For now here a few from the places we've been so far:

This picture was taken after the closing ceremony of a village VBS. All the children are first generation Christians and were sad the Bible School was over. They recited all the verses they memorized in the past 10 days, sang hymns and performed skits. Then they asked Chris and I to tell a Bible story--which we had to look up. The best part was at 2:30 that afternoon an anonymous donor dropped off a box of Bibles. In a village that has never seen a Bible now all 50 of the kids attedning the VBS took home a New Testament. We've never seen so many excited kids, you would think Getsi brought out the cake at a birthday party. When the kids who already left heard there were Bibles they ran back to the thatch porch and asked for Bibles to take to their families.

Jessica with Richard and Annie's older girls--Alicia, Lydia and Christina. We've been having so much fun staying with them. They've enjoyed the card games we brought and have an ongoing game of Rummy that will be played up to the moment we leave.
Chris' new best friend. One of the 13 HIV positive orphans from the Lydia Home. We visited for a short time last week and played games--lock and key, duck duck juice--took a tour of the home and played ball in the yard for a bit. We're hoping to find out if they need anything such as school books, balls, or dolls and return in the evening next week. Unbelievable to think all these children were abondoned and living with HIV. They were all so happy and seemingly healthy.
Our visit to the Sahayam home for destitute women has been the most humbling by far. These women were all abandoned by their families. After their husbands dies some of their families allowed them to stay in their homes but forced them to sleep on the front steps, denied them food, absolutely no medical care and were verbally if not physically abusive. Through different ways God has brought them all to this home where they are cared for and live together as Akkas (sisters). The hardest part of their stories to listen to is how heartbroken they are. Not that their families rejected them but that their children don't know the Lord. They pray that God would save their families and that they will be forgiven. In spite of all they hardship these women have encountered they sang hymns with joy and danced and prayed with us. Can't wait to tell the rest of the team arriving on June 12th the plans we have for our return to Sahayam!

And last a picture from our anniversary. It only took two years of marriage to get Chris to India. God is so good! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful, supportive husband willing to go the extra (thousand) miles.

With Love
Jessica & Chris

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