Friday, April 15, 2011

Translations, Visas and Budgets...oh my!

This has been a really productive week. I sent the finished curriculum to Madurai and they seem excited about the content! A couple teams are reviewing the info and going to send thoughts as they start translating it to Tamil!

Chris' visa also came this week! It's official, that boy loves me :) I mean how many girls are lucky enough to have a husband that would fly around the world to support them!?! And agree to a 10 year visa, which I'm hoping means he's open to visiting India more than once. We'll see after he's actually been there outside of my dreaming and scheming. No matter what this trip means the world to me--you're the best babe!

As with most mission trips the last detail to be covered is the budget. I am proud to say we have an official budget with real numbers and line items. Unfortunately we only have a fraction covered. But I'm optimistic!

We started planning a fundraiser yesterday to help cover costs. We start collecting change on May 1. If anyone is interested in helping out here are the instructions, click on the image to make it larger:

All funds will support our health program this summer. Breath of Life is a program development workbook meant to equip people with low-cost solutions that anyone can learn. Here are pictures of some of the things we teach.

Solar Water Purification: all that's needed are recycled bottles, corrugated metal and sunshine

Tippy Tap: No running water? No problem. You can use recycled bottles to make hand washing stations!

Feel free to email me with any questions I'd be happy to show you the curriculum and talk about our process with anyone interested!

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