Monday, March 1, 2010

Double Date

Another great weekend at the Shofner-Worland house! Chris, Melinda, Noah and I did a Wii workout together Saturday morning and Donald had a good laugh. As you can see we looked a little silly all lined up in front of the TV doing yoga poses. Noah really enjoyed it and I think he was the best out of all of us! Saturday night we went to Vineyard, then out to Tomo for a delicious dinner. We had great food, fellowship and fun and ended the night with coffee and new favorite game!! The boys even let me read them a bedtime story when we got home! If I wasn't baby crazy enough, we had a bunch of people over on Sunday to watch "The Business of Being Born." The documentary was really interesting and inspiring! Melinda was so nice to let me fill up the house and share her experience with people she just met :) Here's some photos from our eventful weekend (sorry I didn't take any pictures on Sunday).

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