Monday, February 22, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

The Shofner-Worland Clan enjoyed a lovely day in the sun! I think we were all grateful for the outside time, even if it only lasted one day. Coleman was able to use his outside toys and enjoyed showing me all the fun things in the backyard. Everyone else played bat ball, a modified version of t-ball, and as you can see things got a little competitive. We even went for a walk/bike ride/wagon ride around the block and saw lots of neighbors and dogs before dinner. The novelty of change has started to wear off a little bit, at least for me, and the longer we're here the more I appreciate being surrounded by so many caring people. Sure moving in with another family seems to be drastic for people (especially in our culture) but I really feel this is the way life should be. Instead of being isolated and cut off from one another  we should be communal and help each other out in the backyard, the kitchen, and life. 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday...with no obligations!

What are great day! Chris and I finally had a Saturday without any obligations. We spent the morning making homemade pasta, playing with Noah & Cole, doing yoga with Melinda and enjoying the sunshine. This evening we had delicious pasta and homemade pizza and had a family picnic in the living room for the UK basketball game. Despite several stuffy noses we enjoyed being one big happy family. I'm so happy the new living situation is working out so well! I got a little snap's a selection from today's events :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Day

The weather has actually been wintry recently, something new for KY. We woke up to lots of snow and ice and all got  to stay home. I think the kids are going to be confused when we all get back into a routine, unfortunately we won't all be around to play with everyday. Until then I think we all enjoy the company. Coleman loves to play the Handy Manny song over and over and over and dance around with Chris and Noah, its really cute, for awhile. Here's some pictures of the dance, snow & ice, and Noah learning how to play Mario Kart! 


Life with the Shofners

Being newlyweds in a bad economy, while both in school, we decided to make some changes. Lucky for us we have really great friends who were open to helping us out and interested in communal living. So far living with another family has been great! We alternate cooking dinner and all take part in household chores. The kids love hanging out with uncle Chris everyday, I love watching him with kids and Chris loves that they're not ours yet :) Here are a few pictures from our first week together. The pictures show Chris teaching the boys how to make bread, Melinda teaching them how to clean up, Noah's first video game, Coleman's finger painting and hanging out around the house.

I now pronounce you...Mr & Mrs Worland

On May 30th wedding bells were ringing! Everything I stressed about went well: the dress was beautiful, tons of family made it, the decorations and food were awesome and the rain stayed away despite several ominous rain clouds earlier in the day!! Thanks to everyone who participated and prayed for our special day!